Onay Paratoner

Active Lightning Rod

Active lightning rods working principle is based on using electirical field strength according to the charges on the air. It gives protection both for negative and positive lightning types. This is one of the finest way of lightning protection and it is getting more and more popular each day.

Active lightning rods catch the lightning before it connects with earth and decharges the power with it’s earthing safely. Because of this reason their catching speed (Δt) is very important. Active lightning rod’s create a conductive path for the lightning with their electrical fields and earth the discharge of the lightning. ESE lightning rods took their energy from electrostatic and electromagnetic changes on the electrical charges.

Active lightning rods spesifications:

Active lightning rods most important spesification is their powerfull protection with a circular shaped protection range. Because of their protection fields range and shape they are both efficient and economical for the projects. Connecting the earthing with lightning rod is enogh for ESE lightning rods. ESE lightning rods have to be earthed well just like faraday cage