Onay Paratoner

The Formation and Effects of Lighting

3 billion lightning generates per year. With another word there is 2000 lightning clouds on earth all the time and 100 lightnings generate per second. A powerfull storm creates 100 times more energy than the bomb which thrown to Hiroshima. Sun heats the weather on earth and heated air goes higher. This is the first factor which triggers lightning. That’s another result of steaming water which goes up. When the rising air reaches to 2-3 km height it contacts with the cold stages of air. The clouds which had been created that way can reach until 20.000 meters with air flows. Electric energy is + on the upper stages of the clouds and – on the lower stages of clouds. When the charge in the cloud reaches to point which can ionize the air inside of it lightning happens. Rain clouds bottom sides push negative charged electrons and charges the place with positive charge this charge discharges on earth with 1000 km/h speed. Lightnings tempreture s 30.000 degrees at this stage.

Characteristics of Lightning

Lightning occurs by stages. It goes 10-100 meters up to stage condition. Pause time is 30-90 microseconds between stages. Lightnings avarage speed is 50.000 km/second. 10-20 A.s./coulon discharges in a lightning strike. Lightning protection standards assume that a lightning can rise it’s 90% of it’s peak level in 10 micro seconds and ends in 350 micro seconds.