Onay Paratoner

Research and Development

Onay Lightning continues to develop the latest technology products through its own R&D lab and experted engineers. Onay Lightning is the inventor of bluetooth technology which is used in lightning rod system , so the lightning rod can be controlled by a smart phone with an application. Also not only by smart phones , Onay Lightning rods can be also controlled interactivally with a remote control technology , which is again developed by Onay Lightning engineers . As an aim to meet the latest technology with users , Onay Lightning signs under a great environmental research. Through the piezo crystal technology Onay Lightning rod produces its own power , what is needed for control mechanism. All these high-tech products are developed by Onay Lightning firstly in Turkey with only domestic capital. Onay Lightning continues to work on R&D in line developing technology and still leads its own sector in Turkey and all over the world.