Onay Paratoner

Faraday cage is a cage shaped protection methos which consists from net of conductives. It protects it’s inside space from external electrical fields. It had been invented by Michael Faraday in 1836.

Application has to be done with the right conductive materials for protection. Cages conductive parts have to be calculated horizantally and vertically. You have to make calculations to decide how many earthing will be done.

After the earthing is done final ring earthing has to be made and potential between bars resistance value will be same with faraday cage because of earthing. This will discharge the lightning to the ground.

Protection Levels From Lightning

Faraday Cage Method According to Protection Level Criteria

Faraday Cages Spesifications:
It can be done with any cage which is covered with net shaped conductors. If the net is density and earthing quality can make the protection better. Electric field on outside can not effect inside of the cage. Static electric discharges (Like lightnings) flows from the conductors and don’t effect inside of the cage. Nets mesh width is related with frequincy of electomagnetic waves. If the mesh is wide low frequincy waves can be proofed. If the mesh is narrow high frequincy waves can be proofed. It has to be earthed well.