Onay Paratoner

Onay Lightning

Onay is working with principles of high quality and innovation since it has been estabilished in 2004. We have founded our research and development department to design models which have user safety , high quality and easy to mount. Our research team is developing new technologies day by day to increase our users safety levels next step. Our unique bluetooth lightning rod (ONAY EXCLUSIVE) is a result of this work. We are presenting highest degree of safety with user friendly products by virtue of our investments on technology. We are producing our products with high quality principles which have been tested with international standarts . We are enlarging our product range day by day. We are a technology developer company which works with international standarts and as Onay we are appreciated to our users for making us a world brand.

Onay Lightning, protects you and your structures more than 10 years !

Onay Lightning , meeting point of experience and the most dynamic research and development experts, briefly where the experience and technology has blended , protects you and your structures more than 10 years. Onay Lightning is the one of the most reliable an strong firm in its sector and is ready for your demands with its experienced staff from the designing phase of projects to mounting and starting up the whole system.

Also as Onay Lightning to meet your specialized demands firstly in Turkey , we still continue to increase our investments into our research and development departments for developing the latest and highest technological products in our labs with %100 domestic capital . We are so glad to meet your demands as Onay Lightning , as the point of reliance and technological solution.