Onay Paratoner


Regarding lightning protection system; Active lightning rods, Faraday cages, Passive lightning rod system products and all that is needed on those systems including hooks and clamps, Lightning strike counter and Lightning Rod Testers as well as thermowelding pots and Earth transfer resistance reducer “Sistek” material which belongs to the earthling system and all other ancillary equipment which has been marketed are produced on the premises of ” Onay”.

As it should be in every manufacturer having all the necessary quality system certificates and really implementing them, also at “Onay”, (starting from the raw material supply and in terms of the quality control values at the related manufacturing process, production ends, packing and delivery stages, ISO 9001 and CE Procedures, along with the NFC17-102 standard (which is the standard accepted for the manufacturing of Onay’s main product, “Active Lightning Rods”), have been considered as the determining factors, thus faulty / defective goods production is prevented and high quality, stable and long lasting materials produced according to the relevant standard providing exactly the requirements of lightning protection have been offered to the users.