Onay Paratoner


1) OYS lighning counters are designed to count lightning strikes falling on the towers, transmission lines, conductors, coaxial lines etc.

2) Lightning Counter is connected (Serially) to the Lightning descent line. Lightning Stike is detected and recorded on the numerator when occures.

3) Working Principle; Formed as a result of a ligthning strike on the device, the current through the inductive conductor

4) Certifications; OYS Lightning Counter are ISO 9001, CE, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 10002 certified.

5) After production all Counters have been tested and therefore the counters starts with a number between 000001-000008

6) It does not require any additional power source.

7) It should be connected in series 2 mt above the Test Terminal

8) It has a 0,5 µh inductance shunt count the lightning.

9) Testimg Device for OYS Lightning Counter is available and it can be bought separetly at order.

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